Tax Debt

Eliminate Your Tax Debt

Is the Canada Revenue Agency garnishing your wages? Has the government frozen your bank account? Is the tax man harassing you?

The CRA has tremendous power to collect amounts that are owed; power that most other creditors simply do not have.

We Have the Tools to Immediately Stop the Canada Revenue Agency

Because the CRA is so powerful, most people are unaware that personal tax and HST debt is really just like any other debt. It can generally be eliminated, along with interest and penalties through the debt relief options offered by federally-licensed trustees. Our legal tools immediately stop the garnishments, un-freeze your bank account, put an end to collection calls and eliminate your tax debt.

 The process is likely easier than you ever expected.

Five Steps to Eliminate Your Tax Debt

  1. Call us today at 416-800-8756
  2.  Give us some information about your situation, and we’ll diagnose your issue over the phone
  3. We work with you to develop a customized approach to eliminate your tax and other dischargeable debt
  4. Meet with our federally-licensed professionals to sign the paperwork
  5. Upon successful completion, your debt, including your tax debt is eliminated – there is no legal requirement to pay the debt in the future

Throughout the process, we act as a liaison between you, the CRA and your other creditors to ensure that all garnishments and bank freezes are immediately lifted, and harassing calls stop. We also assist in negotiation with the CRA and your other creditors to finalize the terms of your filing and eliminate your debt.

Call Us Today – 416-800-8756

At Ross Advisory Group, we help people and businesses in the Greater Toronto Area eliminate their debt. Our federally-licensed professionals have the tools to eliminate tax and HST debt and to remove garnishments, un-freeze bank accounts and stop collection calls. Stop waiting – call us today at 416-800-8756 and eliminate your tax debt.