Consumer Proposal

Consumer Proposal – Eliminate Your Debt Without Bankruptcy

A consumer proposal is a legally-binding agreement made between you and your unsecured creditors to settle your debt, often for an amount significantly less than you owe. Payments are made on terms that are affordable to you, for a period of up to five years, without any additional interest charges. Complete your proposal payments and your debt is eliminated.

Benefits of a Consumer Proposal

The benefits of a consumer proposal are many: you’ll avoid bankruptcy, keep all of your assets, and often repay only a small portion of your debt. Immediately upon filing, you are provided with the relief you need – garnishments automatically stop, harassing telephone calls end, legal proceedings are halted and interest charges are discontinued.

From doctors to lawyers, contractors to labourers, we help people in the Greater Toronto Area navigate the consumer proposal process and eliminate their debt. Call us today at 416-800-8756 – let us put our experience to good use and assist you in preparing a successful proposal.

Five Steps to Debt Freedom

  1. Call us today at 416-800-8756. Give us some information about your situation, and we’ll diagnose your situation over the phone
  2. If a consumer proposal is a good option, we assist you in preparing a proposal that is affordable to you and likely to be accepted by your creditors
  3. Meet with our federally-licensed professionals to sign the paperwork
  4. We file the paperwork with the federal government and send a copy to your creditors, putting an end to garnishments, harassment, legal proceedings and interest charges
  5. Upon successful completion, your dischargeable debt is eliminated – there is no legal requirement to pay the debt in the future

We also provide credit counselling, free of charge, tailored to your personal financial situation.

From the moment you call Ross Advisory Group, you are treated in a respectful, non-judgemental manner. You will always meet with a federally-licensed insolvency trustee, not a junior administrator, who will be your personal liaison throughout the consumer proposal process, from initial consultation through to completion.

Call us today

If you are considering filing a consumer proposal, or if you simply would like some additional information about your debt relief options, call us today at 416-800-8756 or contact us for a free consultation. Schedule an appointment – you’ll love our coffee and our fresh outlook.