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Joel is a husband, father, soccer fanatic and community volunteer. Joel is also a federally-licensed trustee who spends his days helping people eliminate their debt.

After working for over 10 years with international and boutique financial advisory and debt relief firms, Joel founded Ross Advisory Group to be a different kind of debt-relief firm, one focused on providing personalized, considerate, respectful service to people in the Greater Toronto Area.

That service begins with an understanding that people with crushing debt deserve the opportunity to get a fresh start, free from the burden of their debt. Joel has worked throughout his career to bring debt relief to people in all types of professions, and companies across the industrial spectrum.

Outside the office, Joel spends most of his time with his wife and kids. His two young sons, both avid competitive soccer players, dream of soccer careers in the English Premiership, or as professional wrestlers (he wishes they’d get an education first). Joel’s young daughter aspires to be a chicken maker (we haven’t quite figured that out yet).

Family aside, Joel’s professional passion is debt relief. If you need debt relief now, call Joel today at 416-800-8756. Schedule a free consultation – your first step to debt freedom.

About Joel Ross



Janet has worked for more than a decade in the financial services industry, and more recently has dedicated herself to helping people resolve their financial difficulty.  A federally-licensed insolvency counsellor, Janet is empathetic, caring, and passionate about assisting people in regaining their financial footing and putting their debt behind them.

Janet lives in York Region with her husband and has three grown children.  Outside the office, Janet enjoys yoga and travel.