Corporate Restructuring

When a corporation experiences financial difficulty, sometimes the best solution is a restructuring of its operations under legal protection from its creditors. When suppliers have stopped supplying due to non-payment, receivables are not being collected in a timely manner, and the bills cannot be paid, it is often the time to speak with a licensed insolvency professional to guide you and your company through the complex insolvency process.

The professionals at Ross Advisory Group have considerable experience in assisting stakeholders through such scenarios. Our focus is value-added service – we always work to achieve the most financially-beneficial outcome to all stakeholders in the most efficient manner possible.

Corporate restructuring and debt-relief options include:

Debt Restructuring

Continue your company’s operations under legal protection from creditors while we work with you to formulate a plan to restructure the debt.

Corporate Bankruptcy

An orderly wind-down of operations under legal protection from creditors.

In addition to the foregoing, we assist stakeholders in dealing with financial issues as they arise.

Director Liability Relief

We work with directors to help limit exposure to liability under various laws; where liability has been assessed, we can assist in reducing or eliminating liability.

Business Advisory

We provide an objective review of your business including review of financial performance, cash flow assessment, liquidation analysis and other strategic review.