Corporate Bankruptcy

Corporate Bankruptcy – An Orderly Winding-Down of Operations

When a corporation suffers extreme and catastrophic financial difficulty such that operations cannot continue on an ongoing basis, stakeholders will sometimes seek bankruptcy as a means to wind down operations.

Corporate Bankruptcy Protection

By filing a bankruptcy, a corporation will benefit from immediate legal protection from its creditors to permit the orderly winding-down of its operations. A licensed insolvency trustee will take possession of the corporation’s assets, and begin a formal process which will ultimately lead to the liquidation of the corporation’s assets and the distribution of the proceeds to the corporation’s creditors, based on their priority, as established in the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act and other legislation.

Ross Advisory Group

We assist corporate stakeholders in the Greater Toronto Area in navigating the complex process of winding down operations in an orderly manner. Our focus is value-added service – we always work to achieve the most financially-beneficial outcome to all stakeholders in the most efficient manner possible.

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