About Us



We help people and companies get out of debt. It’s all we do – and we’re pretty passionate about it. We’re a firm made in the mould of the experiences of our founder, Joel Ross, a federally-licensed insolvency trustee with over 10 years’ experience at international and boutique insolvency and financial advisory firms. Joel has helped people in all types of professions and companies in many of Ontario’s industries navigate the complex insolvency system and emerge debt-free.

From the beginning, Joel has crafted Ross Advisory Group to be a different kind of debt-relief firm. We’ve seen the way some other places operate, and we like to do things a little differently.


Our service sets us apart. When you call us during business hours, we pick up the phone. Not a computer, not a voicemail system, not someone overseas, not an intake representative. You won’t need to wait for a return call – the actual professionals who do the work will always take the time to speak with you.

When you come in to meet us, you always meet with a federally-licensed trustee, not a junior administrator. The trustee will be your personal resource throughout the process, your sounding-board, for answers to questions you may have, or issues you may encounter. At Ross Advisory Group, your experience is seamless, from your first meeting, until you emerge from the process debt free!

Our service philosophy is the bedrock of our professional practice.

If you have crushing debt and need relief, call us today at 416-800-8756. Ask for Joel, he’ll review your situation, prepare a customized analysis showing your debt relief options, and discuss each option with you in detail. And when you meet us, you can rest assured that we’ll meet you with a welcoming smile, with respect and certainly without judgement.