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I couldn't be more satisfied

I now have control over my finances and debt, and can start living with a big weight lifted off my shoulders. I would highly recommend Ross Advisory Group. Thanks, Joel!

L Verissimo

Highly recommended

I have recommended clients to Ross Advisory. The team is diligent and compassionate towards the client’s needs. They are very responsive and work hard to achieve the best result for their clients.
Jessica Davis

Ross is highly recommended, give him a call

I highly recommend Ross because he is a straightforward and empathetic individual…Give him a call if you are in a tough situation, he is a great guy and the right guy to help you.
Michael Liu

Ross Advisory Group…Debt Specialists

…Joel Ross is professional at what he does, he is helpful and non judgemental in his approach to clients with debt issues. Today i am debt free, largely in part to the Ross Advisory Group. I highly recommend to anyone dealing with debt to call Ross Advisory Group

Trevor A

Joel helped me

Joel helped me navigate a couple failed business ventures. He is very knowledgeable in the industry and was very personable and responsive. He was very hands on and took care of all the heavy lifting while I was able to focus on my other activities.


I was way over my head

I was way over my head and overwhelmed with debt and CRA didn’t know what to do. I heard a advertisement on the radio for Ross Advisory Group, I called and set an appointment.…It wasn’t long I was told that’s it no more calls don’t make anymore payments, the proposal was setup.