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Frequently Asked Questions

During our call, we’ll ask you a few simple questions to get to know you and your situation a little better.  We’ll treat you respectfully and without judgement, and speak in language that you understand, cause we know everyone hates jargon.  We’ll discuss your debt relief options, so that you have the knowledge and tools to make an informed decision.

We’ll need to confirm your debts and some other basic information.  Don’t worry if you don’t have all your information available when we speak – we know you’re going through a lot, and we don’t want to burden you with even more stress.  After our call, we’ll follow up with a short, easy list of items to provide to us.

Our call is completely free – we never charge an upfront fee to speak with us !  If you qualify for debt relief, most often you’ll actually pay no independent fee to us.  Our fees are set by law, and often come directly from the amounts that would otherwise be paid to your creditors. 

We are a federally-licensed firm of debt relief experts.  We deal with people in all walks of life who are struggling with their debts – and we help them get the relief they need.  That relief starts with complete legal protection from your creditors (garnishments stop, legal action stops, bank freezes are lifted – you get the idea), and ends with the complete elimination of your debt. We like to call it Full Circle Relief !

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